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We aim to attract all those people who by spending a day with us, want to have the chance of staying in the country and getting some peace to live directly in contact with nature and with animals in a vivid and concrete way. They will also want to share in the work we are doing which allows people not just to get to know each other and develop personal relationships but also to celebrate and bring back to life again in their children the old values of a country way of life that used to unite people. Finally, the people we wish to attract will also want to rediscover the spaces, colours, and brightness of our Lombard countryside which are drawn up by the changing seasons that follow on one from the other and bring us back to feelings of physical pleasure and of inner peace.

Often we do not notice that we are holding a treasure and that everything surrounding us is a gift that makes our life a wonder: [indeed] one of the greatest joys is to share this wonder with others. We look forward to seeing you!

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Cascina Selva

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