Children's farm

If I hear I forge,
if I see remember,
if I do I learn ...

Cascina Selva is one of the

Children's farms accredited by Lombardy Region and has been since 2005.

For you, land, animals, and the world of farming are all likely to become only far away things that are much too distant from your everyday lives!

Our goal is to bring the farmer, and his/her work, to an audience of children and adults interested in finding out about and getting hands-on experience in the daily way of life that has always safeguarded our territory. On our farm you will be able to find:

  • Teaching modules that illustrate our farm production.
  • People who have been specially trained to provide reception services and teach.
  • The chance of getting involved in manual activities so that "you learn by doing" ("HANDS_ON LEARNING").

And so? Come and see a place where you can taste fresh milk that has come straight from the cow, where you can watch animals and their young, and where you can go and find out about nature !!!

Food Education Proposals for Schools
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There are three basic ideas behind our teaching activities:
  1. Learning about farms and the rural environment.
  2. Active education "learning by doing". At our farm we propose practical hands-on activities so that you are able to learn how to do, manipulate, gather and transform.
  3. Direct contact with animals and their natural environment.

Cascina Selva - Farm and Agritourism business
Via Cascina Selva, 1 20080 - Ozzero, Milano 
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Proposed educational activities

Can I pet the dog? I’m scared… how do I get closer safely? Where do horses live? And what do they eat? The goal of Animal Assisted Activities is to teach children about the animal world, stimulating them to get to know the animals and teaching them how to approach the animals safely. Trought the relationship with animals we want to promote the welfare of children and to help educational processes thanks to sensory experiences offered by the contact with the animal. During this activity, there will be a time to get to know the animal, a time to pet and a time to play with the animal, in order to promote the relationship with the animal while respecting its otherness and to stimulate pro-social behaviors (such as empathy, sense of responsibility, cooperation, listening, respect for rules), also useful in daily relationships with peers.



  1. basic knowledge and first approach with the animal, its 5 senses and its own language, how animals express emotions (comparison children/animals) and how they express they are unconfortable
  2. basic animal needs, how to care for animals and their environment
  3. let’s get friends with the animals, how to behave safely with animals and around them
  4. it’s time to play and have some fun with the animals!

Required equipment:

Trainers, a hat and a waterproof jacket

General schedule for the day:

09.30 - 9.30 Arrival at the Farm
10.00 - 12.00 Teaching activity with the setting up of a teaching module
12.30 - 13.15 Lunch
14.00 Departure (For those who stay the full day at 15.30)

Costs for the educational day:

Half a day (1 Laboratory) 7,00 € per pupil
Full day (1 Laboratory + afternoon activity) 12,00 € per pupil

Cost for the day's teaching and lunch at the farm:

Half a day 13,00 €
A whole day 18,00 €

The cost of lunch on the farm

Lunch children (first, second with vegetables, cake and water) 6,00 €
Lunch adult (appetizer, first, second with vegetables and wate) 10,00 €

Choosing to have lunch at the Farm is part of the educational ethos of the visit, in that it promotes healthy natural eating through the products offered by our land. Any dietary or religious food restrictions must be reported at the time of booking.

The educational activities are conducted from MONDAY to FRIDAY for schools. The weekend Cascina Selva during the AFTERNOON offers a laboratory manipulative and around the farm. The activity is a payment and the age of the child is 5 years old.

For information contact us.

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