the Dairy

Prelibatezze artigianali

Milk production has always been the strong point of Cascina Selva with our herd of Friesian cows. A mini-dairy was set up in 2006 where the milk we produce is transformed into fresh and matured cheeses. During the year we produce special cheeses that follow the seasons (cheeses seasoned with wine, hay, and various spices) and are available directly from our farm or at events or markets where we are present.

Our milk is special because besides having Friesians in our herd, over time we have added Alpine Brown, Red Spotted and Jersey cows, thereby obtaining a milk mix that gives our cheeses a particular flavour and taste. Our cheeses are BIO branded and are ICEA [Institute for Environmental and Ethical Certification] certified (ICEA is a body that ensures that proper organic farming procedures are followed) and they have been branded with the Ticino Park Monitored Production Mark.

All these delicacies are used in our menus and are the jewel in the crown of our farm production. They are also combined to produce particular combinations that we make according to our grandmother's old recipes.

Cascina Selva is also part of the Ticino Park Agricultural Producers Association which was formed as a result of the collaboration between farms and the Park. It is an organization of agricultural producers aimed at promoting and developing the Ticino Park agriculture and food production brand. At Cascina Selva we are seeking to enhance our local area by focusing on the concept of "short supply chain" or "zero-mile food". Buying "short supply chain" food, ensures that it is fresher and has better organoleptic characteristics, as a result of the short transportation time involved. Furthermore, we are thus able to enhance the consumption of seasonal products thereby regaining the link with both nature and agricultural production cycles.